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House Church

The first and third Sundays of the month we will meet for liturgy in the chapel at Rosedale. The second and fourth Sundays of the month we will meet in house churches. House Churches are open for anyone to visit. 


Please contact us for more information about meeting times and locations.

Sunday schedule:

  • Oct 15: Liturgy at Rosedale

  • Oct 22: House Church Liturgy

  • Oct 29: Kickball & Costumes at Ramsey Park

  • Nov 5: Liturgy in the Chapel at Rosedale

  • Nov 12: House Church Liturgy

  • Nov 19: Liturgy in the Chapel at Rosedale

  • Nov 26: House Church Liturgy

  • Dec 3: Liturgy in the Chapel, First Sunday of Advent

  • Dec 10: House Church

  • Dec 17: Liturgy in the Chapel 

  • Dec 24: Christmas Eve Liturgy at Rosedale

  • Dec 31: No Liturgy


House Churches are made up of smaller groups than liturgy at the Chapel. People from every life stage will gather in living rooms for a liturgy that looks very similar to what you’re already used to. There will be prayers, something for the kids, time to explore scripture, pray for each other, and share Eucharist together. House churches will also share a meal together every Sunday for an extended time of community building.

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