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Sunday Liturgy

Plan your visit.

What is Liturgy?

One meaning of the word "liturgy" is "the work of the people." We all band together as participants and hosts, to create a space for learning about Jesus and each other.

Why Lunch?

We're a seven-day-a-week church, not just a few hours on Sunday morning. We end each liturgy by saying "See you throughout the week." That's why we always do lunch on Sundays -- we go out and begin the week together.

Join us for liturgy.

Our Sunday rhythms include gathering for Liturgy in the Chapel at Rosedale at 10:30am on the first & third Sundays of the month. On the second and fourth Sundays of the month we gather in House Churches. House Churches are made up of smaller groups than liturgy at the Chapel.

Sunday schedule:

  • Sept 3: Liturgy at Rosedale

  • Sept 10: House Church Liturgy

  • Sept 17: Liturgy at Rosedale

  • Sept 24: House Church Liturgy

  • Oct 1: Liturgy at Rosedale

  • Oct 8: House Church Liturgy

  • Oct 15: Liturgy at Rosedale

  • Oct 22: House Church Liturgy

  • Oct 29: Kickball & Costumes at Ramsey Park

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